GruppoBPC produces an intelligent label provided with a double technology NFC/QR Code, which the customer can simply put their smartphone nearby or scan the QR Code to enter an interactive menu online, where they can surf over additional information published by the manufacturer.



  • Technical or commercial information:
    Thanks to the interactive label placed on the product, the manufacturer can create dedicated web pages with information including the features of the product, its composition, transformation, traceability, applications, accessories, etc.
  • Training:
    The company can upload tutorial videos and instructions describing how to install, use and maintain the product. If highly technical, such information might also be addressed to technicians involved in the product assistance.
  • Marketing:
    According to the profile of the targeted audience, Information Label can become a powerful marketing device/tool, enabling interactive communication with the customers. Customers can view additional information on the product, be driven to its benefits, watch a promotional video uploaded by the manufacturer, and so on. This can be applied both at B2B level (message describing the performance of the product), B2B2C (marketing feature to be leveraged with buyers in order to point the difference from other manufacturers’ offers) and B2C (advertising purposes, having both informative and emotional content, which describes the characteristics of the product, its origin, etc.)


At the start of the project, GruppoBPC assembles a project team among consultants, designers, and international business development managers, supporting the customer in order to efficiently face two steps necessary for launching of intelligent labels into the marketplace:

Step 1

Study the content, the scope of communication and the technical solution suitable for the customer. Such process starts with an analysis of the content, in terms of structure, information and communication target. The course ends with a definition of the design and material of the labels based on the industry and characteristics of the product.

Step 2

Content production and project implementation, through the creation of information (text/video), uploading of the mobile web pages (the interface displayed through the smartphone), the subsequent management and update of the interactive content.



Information Label is a project that increases the competitiveness of your company both on the domestic and international market. It requires minimal investments, such as content production, creation of the web interfaces, the implementation of or the adjustment to the intelligent labels produced by GruppoBPC. Set-up costs aside, it endorses moderate monthly costs for its management and maintenance.

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